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About the PEM4 Editors

PEM4 Mission Statement

PEM4 strives to disseminate fellow created PEM FOAMed 4 all levels of providers interested in learning how to better manage sick children in their emergency department.  

PEM4 Editorial Process

The content produced for this site is created by pediatric emergency medicine fellows.  All content is peer-reviewed by the editors prior to publication.  Each post aims to be evidence-based with references that are easily accessible to users.

The Amazing PEM4 Authors 

Current 2nd year PEM Fellow, Pediatric trained and former Chief Resident. Love working, learning, and teaching all things related to Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Preston Dean is a current pediatric emergency medicine fellow interested in resuscitation/critical procedures and respiratory tract infections.

Ronine Zamor is a 3rd year pediatric emergency medicine fellow at CCHMC, with research interests in health disparities and global health. She loves traveling to see new places, and anything that has to do with Haiti (including Haitian food, people, music!).

PEM4 Disclaimer and HIPPA Compliance

This blog is HIPPA compliant.  Any and all clinical scenarios are created through the imagination of the authors and any similarities to actual patients are by coincidence.  All images have been de-identified.  Should you have any concern about a photo or patient scenario, please feel free to contact the website editors immediately and it will be promptly addressed. 

This blog is for medical education purposes only.  By reading this blog, you agree not to use the information as medical advice to treat yourself or your patients.  Please consult your own physician if you are experiencing any problems.  Under no circumstance will the editors or authors be responsible for any damages. Although we strive for excellence and up-to-date, evidence-based education, we issue no guarantee regarding the accuracy of any statements or opinions made in the posts.  That being said, if you note any errors, please contact us so we may continue to improve the quality of the content we provide. 

PEM4 Copyright Information

All contents of PEM4 are copyrighted.  This is a FOAMed site and anyone is free to re-distribute the content for free as long as the author of the post is acknowledged within the actual media in which the content is being re-distributed.  


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